Projects Examples


Our next generation marketing platforms are geared to deliver on the promise of more sales
and highly motivated employees within 120 days or less from start to finish.

Customer Engagement and Incentive Programs

We can help you set up a diverse offering of highly effective incentive programs to increase customer engagement as well as skyrocket sales performance. Whether it a customer give-a-way, loyalty incentive or another engagement program, it’s all about increasing sales and reducing customer acquisition costs. With that being said we can tailor the perfect program for your organization.

Tax Incentives & Expense Cost Reduction Program

Imagine finding $250,000 in overcharged business expenses you didn’t know about and or Federal Tax Incentive dollars you didn’t know you qualified for? By working with some of the nation’s largest Federal Tax Incentive and Cost Reduction consulting firms and Growth Management Groups we can typically save certain businesses between $250,000 and $1,000,000 dollars.

Social Media Campaigns

The Star of the Show
Increasing your reach on Twitter, Facebook or any of the 30 other prominent social media platforms can create a buzz around your organization’s offering or service beyond comprehension. Platform Contests, Giveaways and targeted incentives designed to increase customer engagement and maximize social reach can dramatically change the marketing landscape both online and offline if optimized to its fullest.

Employee Performance& Motivation

Reward your team

Just as sales team gets spiffed or compensated for closing a major deal why not create incentives for your employees across all your business lines for completing critical projects or reaching targeted goals? Incentives aligned with individual achievements or team based success can go a long way towards aligning and motivating your employees around your business objectives.

When it comes to your workforce employee appreciation programs are proven to inspire, attract and retain the best qualified employees for your business. Whether it’s a comprehensive wellness program, concierge service or one of a dozen or more cost efficient incentive options we have a program to fit your budget and inspire your employees to the highest levels of performance.

Specialty Custom Printed Items

Branding Your Product and Services

One of the most inventive and cost efficient strategies to promote your product or service is with promotional products. We are speaking of custom printed items with your business logo and or marketing message. This is a proven approach used by companies nationwide and internationally virtually since the beginning of time. We will supply your organization with the most original and attention grabbing promotional items available anywhere on the planet.

Video Marketing

In today’s ultra-competitive sales and marketing atmosphere video marketing gets the message across like nothing else. Let us help you create stunning, quick and attention grabbing video ads on a shoestring budget. Whether online ads or embedded into your email communications this is medium for getting top results on Google and turning viewers into buyers. Virtually every sales and marketing study available will tell you the same if you want the buyer’s attention, don’t write it, just say it in a video. Contact us TODAY for a sample.