Group & Individual Dental Insurance

Savings Plans are easy to use

Take a look at the savings plans offered below and choose the one that is right for you and your family! This is not insurance. These are savings plans designed to fit your needs and budget. With savings plans, there is no waiting or limits on use. Once you receive your membership card.

Dental Only

Starting at: $8.95/month*

Save on the cost of most dental procedures, including cleanings, checkups and major work like crowns, root canals and more. Members can also email a dentist at any time to ask questions.

Dental & Vision

Starting at: $9.95/month*

Get discounts on dental care, including cleanings, checkups, fillings and more, vision care, including eye exams, frames, and lenses and medical information.

Dental, Vision Plus Telemedicine

Starting at: $12.95/month*

Get discounts on high-quality dental care, vision care and prescriptions as well as 24-hour access to licensed physician and nurse phone lines for simple consultations at home.

Telehealth with Healthcare Assistance

Starting at: $19.95/month*

Get 24-hour phone access to physician consultation and 24-hour access to a nurse phone line for symptom assessments, advice and recommendations, prescription discounts and travel and medical assistance.

Total Health

Starting at: $29.95/month*

Get the complete package and save on dental care, vision care, telemedicine services, diabetes care supplies, chiropractic and alternative medicine, prescriptions and more.

*Plus a one-time non-refundable processing fee of $20.00.